Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale)

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Magazine - Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale)
Magazine - Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale) Magazine - Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale) Magazine - Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale) Magazine - Volume 2: Tokyo (Wholesale)

$ 150.00

Introducing Volume 2: Tokyo.

This issue contains stories about Tokyo, its coffee, and the people who drink it. For our second issue, we hear from dozens of coffee shop owners, historians, patrons, baristas, writers, and photographers about what it’s like to drink coffee in Tokyo. Tokyo runs on coffee, fueled by an exploding specialty scene made possible by old-fashioned kissaten and changing social mores. Drift, Volume 2 guides us from New York to the Netherlands, from Tokyo’s hurried city center to the suburbs, and from the 1800s to the future, as we take a magnifying glass to what makes Tokyo’s coffee scene tick.  

Drift, Volume 2 will include:

  • The Life and Times of the Kissaten: On the legacy of Tokyo’s old-fashioned coffee shops;
  • An interview with Katsu Tanaka of Bear Pond Espresso;
  • Reading Murakami’s Coffee Grinds: Unpacking of what coffee means in Haruki Murakami’s works;
  • How a tea city became known for its coffee;
  • The 2.5 Dimension: A look into Tokyo’s cosplay cafes;
  • An interview with James Freeman on opening Blue Bottle Coffee in Kiyosumi, Tokyo;
  • Profiles of Japanese latte art champions;
  • A primer on canned coffee;
  • And more…

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