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Volume 4: Stockholm

Volume 4: Stockholm

In stores July 15

No day passes in Sweden without fika, the country’s traditional coffee, pastry, and conversation break. For restless teens, Syrian refugees, Michelin-starred chefs, and of-the-moment designers, drinking coffee in Stockholm is where past meets present and fast-paced office life meets slow living. Drift, Volume 4 tells the story of what it’s like to drink coffee in Stockholm today, in a city torn between custom and innovation.



Volume 4: Stockholm

Introducing Volume 4: Stockholm. Our fourth issue takes us to the Swedish capital, where we boat through foggy Stockholm harbors at dawn; escape long, cold winters at mysig cafes; fika at futuristic tech companies; and meet recent Syrian immigrants making Sweden home. Volume 4 is about what it’s like to drink coffee in Stockholm, in a Scandinavian city holding tightly to tradition as it strives toward innovation.


Volume 3: Havana

Introducing Volume 3: Havana. Our third issue takes us to Havana, as we share thermoses of scarce coffee stretched with powdered peas, tinker with Italian espresso machines in disrepair, meet a band that performs alongside the sound of grinding beans, and get familiar with international power players itching to break into a coffee-growing, coffee-guzzling country on the brink of change. Volume 3 is about what it’s like to drink coffee in Havana, past and present, a palm tree-packed tropical city with as much gusto as the coffee it offers.


Volume 2: Tokyo

Introducing Volume 2: Tokyo. Our second issue takes us to Tokyo, as we trace the legacy of the classic kissaten, get cozy at cosplay cafes, crush cans of vending machine coffee, and meet power players behind one of the world’s most competitive coffee scenes. Volume 2 is about what it’s like to drink coffee in Tokyo, past and present, amidst a city as dynamic as the coffee it consumes.

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